9 Tips to Having the Best Casual Sex

Do wish to pick a partner from craigslist personals alternative sites and stage the best casual sex? Then implement the following ideas.

  1. Stay away from friends and acquaintances

Usually, craigslist alternative sites feature thousands of adverts on their personals sections. Thus it’s possible to find a picture of someone you know.  Well, she could be looking really hot or has all the assets you admire. But hooking up with a friend, a neighbor or acquaintance for a casual sex is a big no.

Believe me, when you do so with someone you had already known before, emotions and feelings may grow. Moreover, you might meet her later in the estate or workplace thus setting the stage for drama. And if you do so, will you be able to stand it? Will you be able to hide the chemistry that is certain to arise? So to be safe stay away from arranging for a casual sex with those you know or lives nearby.

  1. Define your boundaries right from the start

The no strings attached relationships are meant to be thrilling. After meeting up with your partner, open up on what your expectation on the relationship. Have the mutual establishment of the ground rules. Be open on issues like the meeting duration, how she/he can contact you and when to end the relationship or no penalty for having sex with another person too. That helps to clear doubts on falls hopes. When both parties consent to the rules then you will have smooth dealings.

  1. Never let your family members or friends know your partner

The casual sex built relationship can end at any time. It’s different from a dating relationship. As such keep such sex life separate from your daily life. Breaking and going separate ways without a trace would be much easier then.  Moreover, most people seeking casual sex on craigslist personal alternative sites prefer the short-term relationship.

  1. Put your safety first

Although casual sex is all about sexual pleasure with no emotional ties, your safety matters. People subscribe to different sexual fetishes. For instance, there are those who adore the BDSM. But when meeting for a casual encounter, it’s advisable not to let a stranger chain you up. If anything this is somebody you don’t even know his roots why risk?

In addition, not everyone is truthful about their STD status. Hence before deciding to engage in sex with a stranger you have picked from craigslist personals replacement site, wear condoms

  1. Be ready to explore and reap that pleasure

We all have our favorite sex position and demands. However, going casual gives you that opportunity to explore all that you had never tried before. Be willing to adventure on more tricks, break down those walls and let happiness be your goal. However, do not force your partner into and act she resents.

  1. Must you do it with one person again and again?

One of the rules of going casual is not to spill over your emotions onto the other person.  And how do you achieve that? Don’t get laid by one person all the time. Sticking to one partner to satisfy your quench is courting danger.  Before you know it you will be hooked up romantically. Why not advertise on different personals sites for a couple of friends with benefits? Moreover, it gives you diverse taste and experiences to compare.

  1. When it’s over and done don’t leak it out on the social media

Learn to respect each other’s privacy. At times it could be tempting to share the intimate details of the sexual encounter. The urge may be heightened by securing one of the hot ladies you have ever wanted. Some people go as making a viral post or video out of it. If you still look to a future in craigslist personals sites for casual sex, keep it low.

  1. Don’t forget to carry extra lingerie

It’s healthy to remain healthy and clean all the time. And we all know how messy things can go during those intimate moments. Who would be happy to wear that half wet or dirty inner clothing? So the best safety to put in place is to be armed with an extra pair.

  1. Make the lube your ever companion

Just arm yourself with the lubricant; you never know when you will need it. The natural lubrication of the organs prior to sex is important. It’s what makes the intercourse to be smooth and enjoyable. For some reason, it might fail. That could be worse when he is ready and she is not. That’s when the lube comes in and saves you from those rough and painful rides.  Moreover, when the man you picked from the casual sex sites is well endowed, the tube becomes your best partner then.

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