How to Find Craigslist Personals Alternatives and Get Succeed

There are several alternative to craigslist personals offering classified services. From casual sex to one-night stand and group partying activities, the sites are rich in personal entertainment services. What if you are new to the platform and you don’t know how to go about it?

For instance, say you are craving to get the right woman to fix your sex life. How do you go about it with all those thousands of adverts posted daily? What are the skills that will see you get laid quickly? Such are the questions that go through the individuals who are new to craigslist personals alternatives.

If you are new and wish to use such sites to get someone to quench your thirst, then stick with me to the end. So here we go;

  1. Browse through the site and get the hang of how posts are crafted

To begin with, you have to take your time and go through the website. Familiarize your self with the various sections and subcategories of the personals sections. Particularly pay attention to the posts that are requesting for the same service you desire to get. Read several of such posts and get ideas. Are you a sugar mom looking for a sugar daddy? Or are you a man looking for a woman? Then go straight to the section that offers what you want and borrow ideas.

  1. Get acquainted with the terminologies employed

After browsing through the suite and confirming it offers the services you desire, take one more step. Identify the terminologies or the acronyms used on the craigslist alternatives personals websites. Are there some terms that you don’t know their meanings? Dig deep, research and establish their meanings.

For example, you might come across terms like NSA to mean no strings attached, BBW to mean big and beautiful women. Other abbreviations include HWP that is height and weight proportionate, DDF and PNP. Those are just some of the acronyms. Dig deeper into other abbreviations.

  1. Craft a post with the personal touch

Having gotten around the abbreviations, you are one step closer to winning the casual sex partner from the site. Borrowing ideas from the posts read before and combining it with the acronyms used on the site, craft the unique and interesting advert that nails your interests.

Remember you are addressing the mixed multitude. So how do you make sure you compose an outstanding post? First, ensure your writing is grammar error free. Give it a personal touch. And don’t forget to highlight the following issues in your writing;

  • The brief description of you; tall, handsome or gentle
  • Description of the partner you want to meet; curvy girl or mention any particle fetish you would wish she has
  • Highlight the experience you long to get; someone to tie you and play with you all night
  • Talk briefly on the safety considerations like using protection, STD tests or drug and disease free relationship
  • Give your age too. You may not have to be so exact but quote the age that matches your facial appearance and general body outlook

Before posting the personal advert, go through it once more to ensure, there aren’t any typos or grammar errors. With that done, post it in the right category; be it M4M, W4M, T4W OR whichever category it fits.

Instead of posting your personal advert on the craigslist personal replacement site, you can browse on the already existing posts. When doing that beware of the following;

  1. Keep off those hunting for ladies hunting for generous men

While going through the adverts you may come across posts from women haunting for generous/gen men.  In plain language, those are prostitutes who will offer you their service in exchange for money. Similarly, advertisements infused with dollar signs or the word rose implies the same meaning

  1. Beware of portraits reflecting celebs like figures

At times you can come across a picture of a gorgeous lady looking for casual sex. It’s wise not to concentrate on offers for two reasons.  Most of such people are not genuine but just scammers. In most circumstances, you may find that such pictures have been shoplifted from other sites. Secondly, the few, who are genuine in their adverts, are similarly looking for someone who matches their dazzling outlook.

  1. Go through the replies and scrutinize each them one by one

Few hours after posting your advert, you will receive several messages. It’s therefore wise to open an email address dedicated to that service. Take your time to analyze each reply. By carefully reading between the lines, you can have a glimpse of character traits of the respondent.

Here are a few things to look out for when analyzing the replies;

  • Has the respondent given the generic reply or has she customized it to your advert?
  • Is the writing full of errors or does she look organized in her reply/
  • Does she vividly describe herself? Her fetishes or STD testing

Pay close attention to the few replies that portray says of organization or customized to your craigslist personals alternatives advert. Give the carefully though replies to the interesting emails. For instance’ if you never gave out your photo or first name, this is the time to unveil those details. Don’t be in a rush to arrange for a sex date yet!

  1. Follow your instincts and reap the fun

Not everyone will reply to your emails. Some may simply disappear after viewing your photo. Yet some may go ahead to propose the meeting date and point and still fail to honor such promises. Forget about such people. Go through with those who keep their promises and don’t forget to alert a friend on your whereabouts.  To succeed on alternative to craigslist personals platforms, you’ve got to show determination and compose outstanding advert. Stay safe!

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