Preparations for the Mind-Blowing One Night Stand

Have you ever tried the one night stand fun? I’m talking about the pure fun of getting laid with no strings attached to the relationship. That is living your life to the fullest in that just one night. There are many ways to get such enjoyment, and one of them is the craigslist personal replacement sites. You can either post an advertisement or scroll through the pages and select a face that looks attractive.

Let’s say you have gone through the section and secured the woman of your choice. You have exchanged contacts, texts, and pictures. And from the conversations, she has agreed to meet you at a particular location. What are the preparations to put in place so that you pull through with the one night stand?

That’s the essence of this post. Here are the vital preparations to implement.

  1. Package yourself in the best attire

The first face to face meeting following the online conversation is very important. She will actually judge you in her mind the first few minutes of the encounter. Consequently be good looking. Put on the casual clothing and accompany it with your best cologne.  Be neat and presentable from head to toe. Toes and nails cleaning is a must. To be a gentleman, don’t forget to put on a nice pair of shoes, belt and perhaps an attractive watch to crown it all. Remember it’s easy to for a girl to fall for a well-groomed gentleman.

If you can afford, rent even a nice looking car to carry your one-night bride home. She will be all yours that night.

  1. Have confidence and be yourself

Having been able to convince the lady to meet you in person, have confidence.  Having self-confidence is one way of announcing that you have everything under control.  The few conversations you have held up on the craigslist personals replacement sites should give you enough courage. Never act suspiciously. Smile back at her. Give her the impression that you were looking forward to meeting her. By all means be yourself too.

  1. Don’t be rude or arrogant

Although it’s nice to be confident, don’t overdo it. Remember you are meeting her for the first time. If you want her to feel relaxed and thus entertain you the whole night, show her she is an equal partner. Let her feel respected and she will reciprocate the one night stay you are together.  Even if you fail to agree on the allowance, refrain from hurling insults at the woman.

  1. Have your toys within reach

The purpose of meeting for a one night stand other than on the sites like craigslist personals is sexual enjoyment. Realize that enjoyment may involve incorporating some toys during the foreplay. Consequently, assemble all the necessary items to be near. Taking ages looking for a toy will spoil the mood. Don’t keep her waiting for long.

  1. Spice up your conversation with a genuine compliment

To pull through with the one night experience, make her feel like the queen. Instead of using pick up lines, praise her. An appraisal like “I admire the contrast you have created in the choice of your dress and the pair of shoes” will be rewarded. By all means, let it be real and not flowery. Did I tell you that ladies thrive on praises? Such praises are the key to winning her heart and her body.

If you can bring on a gift to her, do it.  That shows that you care. She will let you do all that you want with her!

  1. Meet in public before taking her home

Not all the alternatives to craigslist personals have genuine users. To bestow the sense of security on your woman, arrange for the public meeting. It feels secure to meet in the public domain first. Moreover, that will give you time to chat, crack jokes, calm her down and offer her a decent meal. That will be the best time to make up your mind for the last time if you really want to go to bed with her.

  1. Don’t act too desperate for sex

Well, the center of the meeting is the sexual enjoyment. Letting things flow naturally is likely to bear fruit than acting too desperate for sex hookup. Don’t create the image of being too sexually experienced. Hence avoid talking about your previous sexual encounters. At the same time don’t be too naïve.

  1. Make your intention clear

If you are looking to a one-time sexual encounter, let your partner know so. Don’t engage in talks that create the wrong impression. Right from your hooking up on the sites like craigslist personals, have a clearly spelt intention.

  1. Have enough protection within reach

Surely you don’t want to have one night that you live regret forever. Having condoms means you care about your partner’s life and yours too. That’s part of the preparations to put in place for the mind-blowing experience. If anything why risk your life with someone who doesn’t care whether he gets infected or not?

  1. At the climax, break down the walls and enjoy the night

Having managed to hold her attention to the night, make it count. Depending on the lady you have delivered on her fetish. If its role plays, act it. Whatever games, sex positions and styles she enjoys, open up and fulfill her wishes. The climax and the core of one-night stand is sexual union. Be open to your date on your likes and dislikes. Discover yourselves and make it a night to remember.

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